Holland, Francis G.

Jan. 28, 1945 – April 7, 2012 – “Jomp”

Here is the link to Frank’s obit, also printed below.   The online obituary has a guestbook, with entries from non-Williams friends.

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Attorney Francis G. Holland went to be with the Lord unexpectedly on April 7, 2012. As a prominent attorney who practiced law in Nashua NH for over 40 years, he successfully handled ground breaking and significant cases during his career and was known for treating his clients with dignity and respect. Frank was a graduate of Boston University Law School and Williams College. He was born in South Bend, Indiana on January 28, 1945 to Barbara and Francis Holland and developed loyalties to Michigan State University while growing up in East Lansing and was an enthusiastic booster of Michigan State football.

As a member of the Nashua Conservation Commission, Frank received a Mayoral Citation for helping create the green space known as Mines Falls Park in Nashua. Additionally, he received a commendation for his support to the Nashua Area Latin Community. His passion for community service extended to Mexico and included home building with Homes for Hope and supporting the Siempre Para Los Niños orphanage in Tijuana.

Frank was an avid world traveler and some of his favorite moments were spent hiking in Waterville Valley NH with his life companion, Ferol McAlister and his loyal dog, Graham. He is survived by his devoted friend, Ferol McAlister; his three children, Amy Holland, currently working in China, Elizabeth Holland, an elementary teacher in Houston, Texas and Todd Holland, a bank manager, in Keene, New Hampshire; as well as his trusted friend and professional confidant, Aprille Goldstein.


Recollections of good times had with classmates now passed on, suffer from the fact that the memories tend to be of funny episodes and quirks rather than the hard work and preparation for the successful career that those who kept up with Frank saw unfold over the years.

Jomp Holland lecturing to cows behind the Clark Art Institute

Here is a photo of Jomp lecturing the cows in the meadow behind the Clark Art Institute.  We teased him that this would be poor practice for a legal career, as most people are sheep.





Jomp’s spontaneity and sense of adventure is reflected in the much repeated story of his joining in on a road trip to Skidmore without calling the young lady he hoped would be his date.  We drew up in front of Salisbury House and followed him in, just in time to see him standing next to another young man at the bottom of the staircase as the young lady in question rounded the landing and started to come down.  Flustered at seeing two potential dates, she burst out, “Jomp, Ronnie, Jomp, Ronnie” and ran back up the stairs.  Cool guy that he was, Jomp walked over to the other young man, shook his hand and said, “You must be Ronnie.  I’m Jomp … guess I’ll exit stage right.”

Another Jomp scene was his sleeping all night on a couch in the TV room of Bascom House. In the morning he was still there with the TV still on, showing test patterns, and the house dog, Fang, curled at his side.

Jomp became Frank when he went off to law school at BU, and then embarked on a 40-year legal career in Nashua, New Hampshire.  He became a dedicated defense attorney and fighter for his clients, whatever their needs might be.  He also taught at Hesser College.  Passionate about gardens and gardening, he helped create a green space known as Mines Fall Park.   His community service extended to Mexico, including home building with Homes for Hope and supporting the Siempre Para Los Niños orphanage in Tijuana.

Frank was a traveler and hiker, often with his companion Ferol McAlister and a dog at his side.  A true son of Willilams.



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