Stevens, Dana Jr.

Dana died April 11, 2014. He was Professor of Finance at the American University of Armenia. After graduating from Williams he had received his Ph.D. in Economics from Stanford.   Dana had four children from a first marriage — Jeremiah, Anna, Benjamin, and Jon — in addition to the two daughters described below.

(From an email sent in early June, 2014)

My name is Zhanna Stevens.  I am the wife of Dana Stevens, who graduated from Williams in 1967. I have some very bad news to pass his classmates from Williams. Dana passed away April 11, 2014 (40 days ago). Dana was receiving Williams journals all the time, and he was very happy to be informed about his classmates. I remember how upset he was when one of them died last year.

Dana and I were planning this summer to visit Williams, he was a very proud graduate.   I met Dana in Talin, Armenia, at the 5th century Cathedral 15 years ago when he came to Armenia to work at the American University of Armenia. His is buried at the church yard where we met. We have two beautiful daughters, 11 and 6.

Please say hi to all Dana’s classmates from me, next time you have a reunion.


Zhanna Stevens

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