Warner, Ron

Ron Warner died on October 23, 2000.  He had been fighting colon cancer that had been diagnosed during a routine physical the previous December.  He succumbed to a related heart attack.

After graduating from Williams, Ron went to Columbia where he received his MBA and then worked in the financial sector in NYC.  He had been very interested for many years in Shamanism (Indian healing).  In recognition of that, his remains were laid to rest near Rapid City, South Dakota.

Reflecting another of Ron’s interests, memorials were sent to the Birders Exchange Program, which protects habitat in Latin America.

Ron left behind his wife Deborah, his son Jonathan and daughter-in-law Susan, his son Geoffrey, his daughters Jennifer and Vanessa Martin, Vanessa’s husband Brendan and his grandson Jahred.

We will miss this extremely warm, personable and bright member of our class.  Like others, he has left us too early.



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