Class of ’67 Zoom Sessions Continue!

Now entering their third year, the Class of ’67 Zoom Sessions continue to delight classmates with their intellectual breadth and rigor.  The sessions were originally conceived as a way of maintaining class cohesiveness during the Covid pandemic when face-to-face encounters were not possible, especially with classmates scattered all over the country.

Fortunately, all of these Zoom sessions were recorded.  If you go to our Video Page, you will find the links to each video.

  • 3/25/20  Tom Phillips: Creating the High Point Community in Seattle
  • 4/22/20  Prof. Jon Cannon: Can Law Keep Up With Climate Change?
  • 5/20/20  Rich Gehrman: Systems Change from the Outside: Improving Child Welfare through Citizen Advocacy
  • 6/17/20  An Evening with the Ephlats (Burke Moody, Arn Heller, Carroll Perry, Howie Klee, Gordie Allen, Bill McClung)
  • 9/30/21   Dr. Martin Samuels: Modern Neurology, Neuroscience and the Aging Brain
  • 10/21/21  Dr Brian Murphy: Educating for Democracy in the Community Colleges
  • 11/18/21  ’67 RPCVs: Reflecting on the Peace Corps Experience – Mark Piechota (Ghana), Carroll Perry (Brazil), Allan Stern (Sierra Leone), Phil Bolton (Kenya), Ron Bodinson (Chile), Tom Phillips (Liberia)
  • 1/20/22  Coaches as Mentors: Join Athletic captains Ted McPherson (baseball), Steve Orr (cross-country), David Rikert (skiing), David Nash (tennis), Jon Stableford (hockey), and Bob Conway (swimming) as they discuss their athletic/mentor experiences at Williams.
  • 2/18/22  Writing Novels Ain’t for the Faint of Heart: Peter Hassinger, Jim Lindheim, Terry Sands
  • 3/24/22  John Roberts: Re-Wilding – Rethinking Conservation of Public Spaces
  • 4/21/22  An Evening with Former Williams Record Staffers Harry Schooley, Harry Matthews, and Tom Ehrich
  • 5/19/22  The Current State of Admissions at the Little ThreeTom Parker ’69
  • 9/22/22  Former Admissions Director Phil Smith:  10 Percenters and more
  • 11/16/22  Dr. Ed Wing: Treating HIV — from a fatal, terrifying disease to chronic illness
  • 1/19/23  Scanlon Gail: Field Notes of a Grateful Gambler and Cliff Jumper — a show business travelogue tracing my sometimes scary route from Williamstown to a Hollywood career.
  • 3/16/23  Wally Wilson: Rejuvenation – 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago – insights gained from walking from St. Jean Pied de Pont, France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    4/27/23  Mike Roizen:  Could 90 Be the New 40 in ten years’ time?
    5/18/23  Jon Stableford:  Intellectual Curiosity and Life-long Learning – One man’s version of the odyssey that we embarked on at Williams
    6/15/23  Irwin Blond:  A Classmate’s Endeavor to Save His Child from a Genetic Defect
  • 9/21/23   Herb Shultz:  Serving — in Tennis and in Life
  • 10/19/23  Bob Plunket: Taking a Late-in-Life Victory Lap
  • 11/16/23  Peter Watson:  40 Years to Deliver — An unexpected career in maternal-fetal medicine
  • 1/18/24  Bryan Hickman: Trying to Make a Difference after 65 — working with charter schools in Rochester, NY
  • 2/15/24  Lenny Goldberg:  A Different Path — Radicalized at Williams and forged in Berkeley, then working within the system to effect progressive change

    3/21/24 – Rick Ackerly – Changing Dysfunctional Cultures – Brian Hickman’s talk in January showed how some charter schools are now delivering education and some, not so much.   Rick will talk about what has to happen for ANY school to deliver quality education

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