Adams, Gilles David

Died: March 15, 1968

Dave was killed in Viet Nam.

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  1. Mark Rader says:

    One of a kind, a loss I have never quite overcome. I made a cross-country motorcycle trip with David during the early summer of 1967. Soon thereafter he joined the army, I the Marine Corps. I was in Vietnam serving as a platoon commander with India 3/5 when I read his name in “Stars and Stripes” newspaper. He was listed as Missing-to-Dead-Hostile, and I only learned later from his parents that he was killed by friendly fire while administering to Vietnamese civilians who had been likewise injured by friendly fire. Years later I named my son after David, and given my son’s extraordinary success as a business man I am honored and well-pleased to have done so. Rest in peace, my brother.

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