Photos from 55th Reunion

View reunion photos from the Williams College official photographers here

Harry and Suzanne Tether, Terry Sands and Jaye Whittier

Winnie Willcox and Chris Covington

Judy White and Jon Vipond










Judy Lamphere and Bill Taylor

Pres. Maud Mandel addressing the alumni

“Four Susans” – Susan Bahr, Susie Heller, Susan Scrimshaw, Suzanne Tether (missing Susan Kennedy)

Joel Rosenthal

Ted McPherson and Jake Taylor

Bill and Ann Woodworth, Rich Gehrman, Kathleen and Nick Lang, Susan Kennedy

Mike and Nancy Roizen

Tom Phillips and John Way

Chris and Judy White

Niall Coughlin talking with Mike Haugh (back to camera)

Susan Kennedy and Susie Heller

Carroll Perry and Dave Kennedy

Peter Krause and Ken Willcox

Roger and Mary Walke

Karin Smith and Diane Gee

Bob Bahr and Larry Ricketts talking with Gordie Gee

Winnie Willcox and Jinx Hufnagel

Ron Bodinson, Scott Baker, and Rick Ackerly At the “Was I a 10 Percenter?” session

John Hufnagel

Peter Krause and Bob Bahr

Carroll Perry and Ed Wing talking with Larry Ricketts

Peter Watson and Inge Baker

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2 Responses to Photos from 55th Reunion

  1. Scanlon Gail aka John Scanlon Gail says:

    What a swell report. The next best thing to being there indeed. Would love to know more about the gist of the 10 Percenter conversations.
    Great coverage of the event and wonderful pics. Thanks!
    We were very sorry to miss it. Just couldn’t wedge it into our schedule.

  2. John Gail – good to hear from you

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